OpenKID for Manufacturers

The goal of OpenKID is to enable cost effective PRIIPs KIDs dissemination by allowing Distributors to have a direct access to Manufacturers KIDs.

This is done through OpenKID format which allow us to synchronize the information of our portal with Manufacturers latest KIDs. continuously monitors all Manufacturers index files to keep its database updated.

How to implement OpenKID

In order to have your KIDs in our platform you have to implement the following steps:

  • Maintain an index (or indices) of your published KID using the OpenKID format.
  • Communicate us the URL (or URLs) of your repositories.

For further information please visit or contact us at


Will the distributors have access to the original version of the documents?

Yes, with our API the distributors will access to the PDF located in their website which Issuers have the obligation to update.

How Distributors can be sure to receive the last version of the document?

We will continuously scan and monitor your repository indices to promptly detect new information and synchronize our hub.